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Import Friday – Stiegl Goldbrau

January 8, 2010

Every week I plan to head down to a local BC Liquor store and pick out something imported. By using the BCL as my source for the beer it makes it accessible to everybody in BC. I plan to have these posted on Fridays. Each post will contain some information on the beer or brewery, why I chose it, and a review.

This week’s beer is Stiegl’s Goldbrau from Austria. Stiegl brews several different beers, one hefeweizen and the rest are lagers, of course, with Goldbrau being the only one carried by BCL. Stiegl was founded in 1492 in the city of Salzburg. The name ‘Stiegl’ means ‘stairs’ as the brewery restaurant is located next to the stairs to Hohensalzburg Castle.

I chose Stiegl because I happened to be in Austria during the summer. I met up in Innsbruck with a friend who lived in Vienna for 6 months then went on to backpack around Europe. We spent 9 days together, 3 in Austria, before I went back to England. Innsbruck is quite possibly one of the most beautiful cities I’ve been to. While was I there I noticed that every cafe and bar was a Stiegl bar and I never drank any. Due to a recommendation from the Lonely Planet, I believe, guide to Europe I spent my beer drinking time in a brewpub called Theresienbräu. The dunkel and weiss there were so fantastic I had no reason to drink anywhere else. When we left Innsbruck to head to Italy I regretted not trying Stiegl.

As you can see I poured it out in to a nonic pint glass. It’s incredibly clear and dull gold colour. An aggressive pour resulted a medium head that dissipated to a thin film of bubbles at a medium rate without any real lacing. When I smelled it I immediately thought of Molson, which I found weird because before I got in to beer I only drank Molson if it was offered to me. It was a sweet malt and very light hop smell. The first drink started off smooth but near the finish it had a very large, very weird, hop flavour to it. It was like nothing I’ve experienced before. Not to say it was unpleasant, but more surprising. After the second drink it mellowed out and went nicely with the beer. The body of the beer it much larger than it looks. It had a nice full-medium body to it.

I would drink this beer again, however, I would not buy it again. It’s not really my thing. It is quite similar to the prevalent lowest common denominator beers here, especially in appearance and smell, but it’s a much more enjoyable drinking experience.

Rating: Average
Style: Marzen
ABV: 4.9%
Serving Temp: 6-8ºC
BCL: 521468


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One Comment
  1. Not a great beer, but I have to agree not too bad for what is a very mainstream commercial beer.

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