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Crambambull (Beernog)

January 14, 2010

I was reading Randy Mosher’s book “Tasting Beer” and at the end there is a part entitled “Beernog [and other Concoctions]!” I  very what information those three pages would hold. I had already thought about the idea of blending Tree’s Spiced Reserve Ale with some Eggnog from the store. But, I kinda ended up drinking my only bottle of the beer on its own (it’s quite good, by the way). Then I decided if I was going to this I would do it properly and make the eggnog myself. Luckily Mosher included a simple recipe for eggnog. Now, I really wanted to use Tree’s Spiced Reserve Ale, but I couldn’t find any bottles locally, so I opted for the most spiced beer I had, which was Howe Sound’s Father John’s Winter Ale.

The recipe uses raw eggs, and some people warn against that. Apparently some stores sell eggs that are different and made for raw consumption.

4 Eggs
1/2 cup of Sugar
1 1/2 cup of Milk
1 cup of Cream
Mace (optional)
Dash of Vanilla (optional)
Good spiced (wassail style) beer.
Rum, Rye, or Bourbon (optional)

1) Separate Eggs and beat yolks with the sugar until smooth.
2) Mix in Milk and Cream. You can whip the cream before mixing it with the other ingredients to add more texture.
3) Season with Nutmeg, and/or mace, and vanilla.
4) Beat the egg whites. Then fold them in the mixture.
5) Enjoy.

Now just fill the glass about a third full with beer, add rum/bourbon/rye, then fill to the top with the eggnog. I tried with and without the Spiced Jack rum. It wasn’t much different with the shot of spiced rum in it. I’ll be drinking it without the rum as I prefer not to have so much alcohol in it. I was very surprised at how damn good this is. Father John’s Winter Ale worked great. I could only imagine how good Tree’s Spiced Reserve would be in this. Maybe next year. I also recommend that you don’t use a tulip style glass. When you pour the eggnog in it creates the thickest, longest lasting head imaginable. I find that it would drink better without the head.


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