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GCBF 2010 news

January 19, 2010

Some news out about this year’s Great Canadian Beer Festival.

As in years gone by, it will be held on the weekend after Labour Day, September 10th and 11th.

There are two big changes this year. First is that tickets will be only be available online, which should really alleviate a lot problems people have with getting tickets, and the scalping that those problems draw. Second the price has gone up to $35 for each day. Fortunately tokens will be still be $1.25. Tickets usually go on sale in July.

Hopefully I’ll be living back in Victoria then, and I’ll most likely be volunteering again as I did in ’07 and ’08 (I was in England this summer).

In the process of writing this the prices of tickets on the website was removed. A $15 increase for Friday and a $10 increase for Saturday is quite a jump in price.

edit – I got a e-mail conformation that the price this year will be indeed be $35 each day.


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  1. roxy osgood permalink

    where do I sign up to volenteer

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