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Some Love For Red Racer IPA @ Serious Eats

January 28, 2010

I’ve been getting some google results for post, if you want to read my review carry on over to here.

The foodies over at Serious Eats thought they would review some canned beers to mark the 75th anniversary of the innovation. 27 canned beers available in the States were reviewed. Red Racer IPA happened to be one of them. It also did well scoring a 4/5 (4.5/5 was the highest score dolled out). To read the article go here.

Red Racer India Pale Ale British Columbia, 6.5% ABV
This IPA might be too bitter for some people, but hopheads will appreciate its racy hops and bright lemon peel flavor. We were also reminded of black pepper, cloves, and pine branches, as well as a hint of papaya. There’s some nuttiness to this creamy beer, and we’re big fans.

Add this with Red Racer IPA’s success over at BeerAdvocate. Where currently sits 8th overall for best American IPA.

No wonder this beer has won best beer in BC, as voted by CAMRA Vancouver members, three years in a row.

It’s great to see a BC beer gaining the recognition is deserves.

Central City Brewing


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