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BC Beer – R&B Red Devil Pale Ale

February 1, 2010

I so I went to the Chase BCL the other day I picked up a few bottles of beer. I highly recommend not buying craft beer there. Most of it is getting on the geriatric side of things. Fortunately this bottle was only a few months old.

R&B Brewing, located in the historic Brewery Creek area of Greater Vancouver, is the combined dream of Rick Dellow and Barry Benson who share more than 45 years experience in the international and local brewing industry. In this website you should find all the information you need to know about Vancouver’s Local award-winning Microbrewery and our high quality hand crafted ale.

It pours a clear, but muddled amber-copper with a nice chunky head. The head left even chunkier lacing. The head slowly became a layer of white bubbles with its collar popped. This visually pleased me. When I sniffed at it surprised me with what I found tickling my nose. It was fruity, but not a hop fruity, aroma. It was more of a raisin with hints of prune aroma. Hmm, alright. Sip time. Light maltiness, a light sweetness, fruitiness again, but it was more prune with hints of other dark fruits. Kind of like the dark German lagers I’ve been drinking lately. Over all everything was kind of mellow. Light body with light, smooth carbonation.

If I only took the head of a beer in to consideration I’d say this is a great beer, but alas I don’t. Red Devil Pale Ale gets an average. I found it similar to their Auld Nick. Except Auld Nick drank like it was 9.5% instead of 6.5%, and I liked it more than the Red Devil. I’ll definitely be giving this beer another try if I see on tap next time I’m in Vancouver.

If the label had alluded to a Scottish style of beer I probably wouldn’t have been surprised to find what was inside.

Rating: Average
Style: Pale Ale
ABV: 5.2%
Serving Temp: 9-13ºC
BCL: 31773


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  1. bcbrews permalink

    The Red Devil is at its peak when it is cask-conditioned and dry-hopped. You can get this in Vancouver at the Irish Heather. The next best version of the Red Devil is draught. I would never buy Red Devil from a government liquor store. Fresh, unfiltered, unpasteurized craft beer should be treated like milk. Unless it is bottle conditioned or a high gravity beer — barleywine, Eisbock, tripel — it should be consumed as fresh as possible.

    BTW, Auld Nick this year is fantastic.

  2. I’ve seen some of the amazing sounding stuff that R&B has done for local Vancouver establishments. Sadly not being anywhere near Vancouver I haven’t tried any of them. Gotta make it out that way during VCBW.

  3. Have to agree with BcBrews. Red Devil out of bottle, especially when it’s months old, is pretty mediocre. Unfortunately it (and all R&B Beers) don’t make it out of the GVA in draught.

    • Sorry about the late response. Been out of town for work for pretty much a whole month. Looking at the bottle it was 3 months old. It could also have been 15 months old.

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