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2010 Awards, How’d BC fare?

February 14, 2010

The 2010 awards were released on Jan 26th. I was going to write about it before I went out of town. Obviously I didn’t.

Well, BC did better than last year. With two beers on the Canada’s Top 50. An improvement of two from last year. The two beers are Central City’s Red Racer India Pale Ale at number 21 and Phillips’ Double Barrel Scotch Ale at 44. Quebec pretty much ran away with it all. I’ve had several of those beers, and will have several more when I go back to Jasper, and I can say that there are some comparable beer or better beers in BC. I believe the problem is that only a handful of BC breweries distribute outside of BC. The guy at the liquor in Jasper even said to me he wished they could get Phillips there. I liked that guy.


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