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Back From Alberta and Other Things

February 14, 2010

I had to got to Jasper, Alberta on the 31st for work. I gotta pay for the beer I drink some how. I had to make a sacrifice to this. I missed Crannog Ale’s open house. Fortunately drank my share of beer and picked me up a t-shirt to commemorate 10 years of brewing organic Irish inspired ales.

I wasn’t too happy about going to a tourist town. Sure there would be a brewpub, but I knew that it wouldn’t be cheap. I assumed that all the beer I would find would be the Big 3, and maybe some Alley Kat or Wild Rose. I was wrong, it was just the Big 3. Except in one place. Jasper Liqour Store and Wine Cellar was the exception. A small liquor store just packed with world-class wines, beers, and spirits. I saw many beers that I have not seen this side of the Rockies there. Dieu Du Ciel, Les Trois Mousquetaires, Charlevoix, Samichlaus, De Struise, Mill Street, I could go on. To state the obvious I spent a lot of the money coming to me there.

The brewpub, Jasper Brewing Co, was a let down. Beers made for quantity not quality. Their Irish Stout might have been a good beer if they weren’t going for the Guinness thing and serving it with nitro. Nitro is awful, I have yet to have anything good served with nitro. As far as I’m concerned using nitro ruins beers. The IPA was the best beer offered, but I think it’s hard to have a bad IPA that is cold and fresh. The food is also average and overpriced.

While I was gone a few things happened in the world of beer in BC.

Driftwood released an ESB styled beer called ‘Naughty Hildegard.’ Left4Beer really liked it, scoring a 9/10.

Rick Green wrote brilliantly on the BS that is Molson’s monopoly on beer at the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Central City is facing legals woes by Bear Republic Brewing over their Red Racer brand. has a write-up I wholly agree with.

Old Yale Brewing in Chiliwack is for sale. That’s a shame. I love their Sergeant’s IPA and Sasquatch Stout.

I think that sums it up. I have to go back to Jasper for another 2 weeks, possibly longer, on either Wednesday or Thursday. Hopefully I can queue up some posts this time around.


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