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Import Friday – Edelweiss Snowfresh

February 26, 2010

First off this isn’t available at BCLs, but any good private Liquor Store will carry it. I picked it out because of the strikingly attractive bottle, and it’s a weissbier. One of my favourite styles of beer. This one has a twist. It’s a normal weissbier with ‘Alpine herb’ added. What is Alpine herb? No idea, but I liked it.

It’s a cloudy yellow-tangerine with a blossoming, pillowing head that reminds me of beaten eggs whites. Smell consists of your typical weissbier aromas, wheat, hints of bananas and cloves, but this has a medicinal-minty smell on the finish. The taste is the same. The slight minty finish really takes this refreshing style of beer and makes it even more refreshing. It’s a shame that the weissbier it’s based on just isn’t quite there, so Edelweiss Snowfresh only gets a good from me.

Rating: Good
Style: Weissbier (Herbed)
ABV: 5%
Serving Temp: 7-10ºC


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