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March 14, 2010

Having spent half this year in Alberta isn’t the best way to do a blog about beer in BC. Ya know, cause of the whole Alberta not being BC thing. There was an upside to it all. Alberta has a fairly weak, compared to BC, brewing scene. I’m not saying the quality isn’t there, it’s the local diversity that isn’t there. Only several breweries and brewpubs exist there. The number almost doubles if you include Brewsters Brewing Company multiple locations throughout Calgary and Edmonton. This local lack is made up with a solid import effort. My beer closet is now stocked with all kinds of beer that I’ve never seen in BC; De Struisse, Dieu Du Ciel, and Paddock Wood (I know they are listed in BC, but I’ve never seen anything from them) to name a few.

Both of my stays were in the Rockies. Jasper and Canmore to be exact. Luckily both of these towns had brewpubs for me to try out. Jasper Brewing Co has the better atmosphere, but the Grizzly Paw, in Canmore, had better beer.

I’m just going to give my ratings on the Albertan beer I managed to drink.

Jasper Brewing Co.:
Sutter-Hill Pilsner – Average
Rockhopper IPA – Good
Honey Bear Ale – Average
Liftline Cream Ale – Average
6060 Stout – Average
Blueberry Vanilla Ale – Average
Black Pilsner – Average

Alley Kat Brewing:
Fireside Mild – Good
Taste 25 – Good

The Grizzly Paw Brewing Company:
Rutting Elk Red – Average
Grumpy Bear Honey Wheat – Average
Powder Hound Pilsner – Average
Beaver Tail Raspberry Ale – Average
Big Head Nut Brown – Average
Indra Island IPA – Average
Coffee Stout – Good
St Nick’s Winter Ale – Good
Gold Medal Lager – Good

Wildrose Brewery:
Wraspberry Ale – Average (prefered Grizzly Paw’s)
Brown Ale – Good
IPA – Good
Canadian Wheat Ale – Average

I had Wildrose’s Brown Ale with a nice large deer steak. It went much faster than the steak. It’s a beer that doesn’t stay in your glass for very long. Their IPA was also highly quaffable beer. The Wraspberry Ale had a strong aroma, but it didn’t come through on the taste.

Grizzly Paw’s Gold Medal Lager was deserving of its name. The winter ale reminded me of Crannog’s Old Pudding head so much that after I had the sample tray I ordered a pint of it. If you’re a fan of raspberries the Beaver Tail Raspberry Ale would probably be up your alley. I, myself, prefer Bacchus’ Frambozenbier for my raspberry ale fix.

Alley Kat’s Fireside Mild surprised me. I’ve never been in to milds, but I really dug this beer. Smooth, simple, lots of flavour. I only bought the Taste 25 because it was mysterious. The six-pack box that contained it was from Sherbrooke Liquor store. The only thing to identify was a bottle label (that looked like it was printed on a home printer) stuck to it. Having no idea what kind of beer to expect is what made me go for it. Turns out it was a Steam beer. A good one at that.

I was kinda of disappointed with Jasper Brewing Co’s beers. I found them just… lacking. I don’t know what it was. They just weren’t there. This is with exception to the Rockhopper IPA. A nice drinkable IPA that was a hit with my co-workers.  It also blended well with a 60/40 mix with the black pilsner.  It brought out the best characteristics of both beers.

Back to our regular schedule starting tomorrow. I’m going to finish off the rest of the Red Racer Winter Medley pack, Dead Frog’s Seasonal Sampler pack, and a few others. The beers have been drank, notes taken, now I just gotta type some gibberish out and put it on the internet. Looks I totally ruined the surprise of what’s coming next. Not like anyone reads this, so I considered no surprises spoiled.

Not sure how many tags this post has, but it is going to be hard for me to beat that total.


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