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Canada’s Top 100 on BeerAdvocate

March 22, 2010

BeerAdvocate user ‘bobsy‘ went and created a Top 100 Beers in Canada list using Google Spreadsheets.

Some time last Summer I scoured the database and created a top 100 Canadian beers list using the same formula that is used to calculate the Canadian top 25. I decided to update that list to see how its changed. 172 non-retired Canadian beers met the criteria of having 10 or more reviews, and an average of B+ or higher. I manually plugged in the scores for each beer, applied the formula that the bros use and ran the list.

Here is the list:

Let’s break down how BC did.

#3 Red Racer IPA. No surprise here.
#30 Old Yale Sergeant’s IPA. A fantastic overlooked English IPA.
#35 Phillips Skookum Cascadian Brown Ale.
#37 Driftwood Farmhand Ale.
#44 Lighthouse Brewing Keepers Stout.
#47 Phillips Amnesiac Double IPA.
#51 Tree Hophead Double IPA.
#54 Tree Hophead IPA.
#57 Phillips The Hammer.
#69 Spinnakers Mitchell’s ESB.
#71 Vancouver Island Hermannator Eisbock.
#81 Howe Sound Father John’s Winter Ale.
#91 Driftwood White Bark.
#92 Granville Island Merry Monk Doppelbock.
#99 Howe Sound Bailout Bitter.

The biggest problem with BeerAdvocate is that it’s American-centric. Oh well, this is still kinda interesting.


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  1. Thanks for that. I discovered the Old Yale IPA just recently; it is surprisingly good. Good to see a lot of Phillips and Driftwood brews on the list.

  2. A lot of BC’s better beers aren’t on the list simply due to the fact that they don’t have 10 reviews. So next time bobsy does this list expect to see more Central City, Driftwood, Granville Island, and Cannery.

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