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BCBusiness, not when it comes to beer.

March 31, 2010

Last night I was googling around for information on beer in BC. I came across an article on BCBusiness’ website.

Our objective is to provide readers with relevant, comprehensive, and provocative commentary on the issues, trends, and people shaping business in British Columbia.

Sounds like a good place, right? Yeah, not so much. Take a gander at a screen shot I took not too long ago.

Notice anything off about it? Remember this is BCBusiness, winner of the 2007 BC/Yukon Magazine of the Year. Yes, quite a few things are off.

Let’s start with the “Canadian Ale.” Since when has there ever been a style of beer refered to as ‘Canadian Ale’? I’ve never seen one. Going by the description it sounds like what some people refer to as ‘Yellow Fizzy Beer’, or YFB for short. Going by the examples I am confused as three out of the four examples are lagers?! Molson Canadian is also listed as example for Lager group. But BCBusiness describes Lager as having “delicate flavour.” So some how Molson Canadian is both bland and delicate in flavour. Interesting. Keith’s is also listed twice once under Canadian Ale and then the generic Ale catergory where ales are described as bitter and lots of flavour. That’s exact opposite of the Canadian Ale description.

Eight different Canadian brands/beers were listed. Out of that eight six are owned by international corporations. Of the two Canadian owned beers, Kawartha Cream Ale and True North, both are from Ontario. Isn’t this BCBusiness, not ONBusiness? There is even a link to an interview with the CEO of Russell Brewing. Russell Brewing’s flagship beer is a Cream Ale. They could have at least listed that. Not one example from BC. Zero. Zilch.

In defence of BCBusiness their article on hop shortages and hop farming in BC is quite interesting. link

Phillips had considered buying land to grow his own hops, but the idea was too costly and complicated, so instead he got involved with an informal B.C. movement to kick-start hops production around the province. In the driver’s seat was Rebecca Kneen, a Sorrento-based brewer and hops farmer who had been active in re-establishing B.C. as a hops-producing province, beginning in 2000.


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