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More info on that Sea Dog Amber Ale

April 1, 2010

I’ve already mentioned this new beer from Vancouver Island Brewing before. So under normal circumstances I wouldn’t do this. This beer is brewed to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Canadian Navy. There is a bit of a naval history in my family, so the navy is somewhat important to me. Plus if I didn’t break my hand last February I might be in the Royal Navy right now, which would have meant that this blog would never have been created. Scary thought, eh.

And another thing. This is an altbier. I only know of one other brewery in BC that makes an altbier and they’re only a few blocks away from Vancouver Island brewing. This has moved Sea Dog quite a bit farther up my to try list. Hey VIB, get some representation in the Okanagan please. Thanks.

I really shouldn’t be too surprised that it’s an altbier. The style originated in Dusseldorf, Germany in the 19th century. VIB’s brewmaster, Ralf Pittroff, trained at Hans-Wilsdorf Vocational School in Germany. Hans Wilsdorf created a brand of watches you may heard about. It’s called ‘Rolex’.

I am happy to announce that Vancouver Island Brewery has recently embarked in a unique partnership with the Canadian Navy this summer.

This year the Canadian Navy is celebrating its 100th anniversary of protecting Canadian waters and defending our security and prosperity. In honour of this significant milestone in our naval history, we have partnered with the Canadian Naval Centennial and crafted a new beer, Sea Dog Amber Ale, to help celebrate this achievement.

The Naval Centennials goal is to “Bring the Navy to Canadians” and they will be attempting to do this through a variety of activities that are planned throughout the summer. The biggest of which is the International Fleet Review which will see over 20 different nations sending their Naval ships to Victoria and over 10,000 foreign sailors visiting Victoria the week of June 9-14.

Here is Brewmaster Ralf Pittroff’s tasting notes for this fine amber ale:

“Sea Dog is an amber ale fashioned after the German Altbier style. Like a true Altbier, it is fermented with ale yeast, but at a colder lager temperature. This gives it a clean finish with no esters like a lager, but retaining the malty quality of an ale. It’s deep copper colour comes from a heavy addition of dark crystal malt, and a touch of chocolate malt. Sea Dog is lightly bittered, so as to not mask it’s intense maltyness. Most of its hop character comes from a heavy dose of Willamette and Hallertauer hops at the very end of the boil”

I hope more brewery reps contact me. It makes me feel important.

If you’ve tried this beer let me know what you think of it!


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