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BC Beer – Nelson Blackheart Oatmeal Stout

April 5, 2010

After making cookies with Nelson Brewing’s Blackheart Oatmeal Stout, it’s now time to write about the beer.

Blackheart is as dark brown a beer can be before you start calling it black. Put a tan head on top of the darkest brown body and it looks like pretty much ever other stout. The aroma is of a light roasted malts that starts with cocoa leading to coffee. The taste is reversed. It’s still all lighter roasted malt, but it goes coffee to cocoa. The oatmeal is barely detectable. If it didn’t say it was an oatmeal stout I’d probably wouldn’t have noticed the hints of that silky creaminess that oatmeal imparts.

It’s nothing special. If you got a friend who only drinks Guinness give them this. It tastes better and it’s cheaper.

Rating: Average
Style: Oatmeal Stout
ABV: 5%
Serving Temp: 9-13ºC


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