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My Okanagan Fest-of-Ale Checklist

April 8, 2010

Going by the list posted on the Fest-of-Ale website.

Alpine Munich Märzen
Big Al Smoked Porter
Big Al Tripel
Big Al IPA
Cannery’s Squire Scotch Ale
Moinette Blonde
Red Racer ESB
Central City Raspberry Wheat
Crannog’s Hand Truck Porter
Crannog’s 10th Anniversary Ale
Fernie Brewing What the Huck – Huckleberry Wheat
Attila the Honey
Old Yale Pale Ale
Paddock Wood Bock
The Whole Plan B line up.
Russell’s I.P. Eh!
Shuswap Lake Brewing Bourbon Oaked Porter
Tin Whistle Brewing Rattlesnake ESB
Tree Brewing Captivator Doppelbock


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  1. looks good. Persomally I would switch the Russel IPA for the Sargents IPA. Whenever I get to try a Kolsch style I jump on it (Mt. Begbie).

    • I know the Sergeant’s IPA is good. One of my favourites. I haven’t tried Russell’s yet. To be honest I’ve never even seen Russell beer for outside of a beer festival.
      High Country Kolsch is a fine beer. Now in cans!

  2. I had Russell’s IP’Eh and I wasn’t very impressed.

    Let me know about the Paddock Wood Bock, I’ve really enjoyed everything they’ve made so far.

    Did you know Paddock Wood evolved out of a Home Brew supply store that used to stock such rare ingredients that people from all over the country would drive there to pick it up?

  3. The bock was decent, but it was towards to end of the day when I had it so I can’t give a fair opinion. I would have no problem buying a six pack of it to try it properly.

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