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A New Beer From Phillips for you Moon Marauders

April 15, 2010

More robust than Finagle’s Folly and twice as mighty as Pan-Galactic Gargle Blasters, Phillips new Hop Circle IPA is out of this world. We’re boldly going where no local IPA has gone before and we want you to come along. You don’t need a space helmet or intergalactic vaccinations, just a thirst for the most refreshing IPA this side of Rigel VII.

To help celebrate liftoff for the starship Hop Circle, we’re hosting a space party. We want you to come dressed in your most interstellar space getup. Make a little effort and you’ll be rewarded, as there will be prizes for the best costume.

The Hop Circle launch takes place on Stardate 2010.4.20 from 4:20pm-6:20pm at 2010 Government. Sorry to say it, but please leave your growlers at home, as we won’t be filling them at this event. And don’t forget two pieces of ID!

May the hops be with you.


Something tells me that this might be beer that’s on the hoppy side.

Is it bad that I knew what 2 out of 3 of those links were without clicking them?


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