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25th Anniversary Brew From Okanagan Spring

April 16, 2010

New Year’s Eve 1985. That was the date of the first pour of Okanagan Spring Premium Lager by founders Buko von Krosigk and Jakob Tobler… Two men determined to offer an alternative to the mainstream beers of the region.

Buko and Jakob undoubtedly knew they’d created a mighty tasty beer back on December 31, 1985, but they certainly did not realize the role that Okanagan Spring would play in popularizing craft brewing.

Twenty five years later and here we are celebrating our Silver anniversary as one of BC’s original craft breweries while continuing to deliver a passionate line-up of finely crafted brews. It may be our Silver anniversary, but rest assured, our taste is pure gold.

Hopped lager, eh.


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  1. Reminds me of when Tim Hortons had that ad campaign for “steeped” tea. So tea just used to come out of tea-taps before that I suppose…

  2. The only good marketing thing Tim Hortons has ever done was the chili in the bread bowl. “I had chili for lunch, THEN I ATE THE BOWL!”

    I’m going to Kamloops Sunday and I’ll pick up a 6 pack and see just how hoppy it is.

  3. I wonder if an edible beercan/bottle would be even remotely possible. I suppose you could serve a stout in a hollowed out french boule loaf, but it’d be a quick drink…

  4. I’m so going to try an imperial stout out of a loaf of Russian Rye now.

  5. How about a Russian coffee break instead — RIS & Van Gogh Espresso Vodka (or Kahlua & Vodka)?

  6. Alternatively, a beer-float with Old Rasputin RIS and BREAD-flavoured ice-cream..

    Oh yeah, someone went there:

  7. BTW hi Rick, I read your blog too – you’re the BC Beer Blog guy, right? I think you’re linked on my blog too:

    Do ya think “iceholes” is a play on “assholes”, incidentally…

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