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BC Beer – Tree’s Captivator Doppelbock

April 18, 2010

Continuing in my effort to bring you the newest beers in BC I present to you Tree Brewing’s Captivator Doppelbock. Tree also have another new beer for the summer called Beach Blonde Lager. Not sure if it’s a re-branding of the retired Blonde Lager, but I had a sample of it on tap at the brewery on my way to the Okanagan Fest-of-Ale. It was a light, clean, a little bit sweet with a decent hop presence compared to its compatriots.

On to the Captivator. No picture of the beer poured. Time to set the scene. Captivator is deep red-brown with a thick off-white head. A head that likes to stay and party a little longer than the average beer; however, like a good guest it doesn’t make to much of mess, and leaves very minimal lacing. The aroma is fairly subdued, yet it’s incredibly malty. You got aromas of bread pudding, caramel, toffee, and hazelnuts. Like most darker lagers, the flavour is twice what the aroma is. Captivator is incredibly smooth with a mellow maltiness that finishes with a sharp prick of alcohol. I feel a couple of months of age would benefit this beer to help remove or lessen that alcoholic finish.

Rating: Good
Style: Doppelbock
ABV: 8.0%
Serving Temp: 9-13ºC

On another note, Tree’s annual Hefeweizen is now out. I bought a bottle and drank it last Friday in Penticton. Fairly good. Expect to see it on here soon.


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  1. Captivator is available on tap at the Alibi Room.

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