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BC Beer – Okanagan Spring 25th Anniversary Hopped Lager

April 20, 2010

There was a bit of banter over the name. It is rather silly name.  I find it implying one of two things. That other Okanagan Spring beers don’t have hops in them and/or it’s really hoppy. I was hoping for the latter. Something like a true czech style pilsner. I got neither. Instead I got a surprisingly good American-style Amber Lager.

According to the box its brass coloured. According to me it has a nice tight head with some decent lacing. Aromas of grass, grains, light general maltiness, and hints of earthiness fill the glass. Overall a pleasant noble hop aroma. A big, smooth caramel body, that has been lent a slight earthiness from the hops, leads to the slightest of bitter finishes. A surprisingly (that word again) flavourful lager from a brewery I usually ignore.

Rating: Good
Style: American-style Amber Lager
ABV: 5.2%
Serving Temp: 6-8ºC
BCL: 227900


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