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BC Beer – Cannery’s Squire Scotch Ale

April 24, 2010

Before running a brewery Ron and Patt Dyck ran a restaurant in Naramata, Country Squire Restaurant.

For decades the Country Squire was a fine dining restaurant in Naramata. Following its fine example and carrying its name, Squire Scotch Ale is rich in both flavour and tradition. This variety of pale ale is defined by malt flavours that are strong and smoky with a touch of sweetness.

The deep caramel colour and gentle hop profile round out this classic style ale.

When I took a tour of Cannery’s brewery before the Okanagan Fest-of-Ale this year Patt showed me around. She is an incredibly kind and knowledgeable woman. You can see for yourself if you attend the Women and Beer event on Thursday, May 13th, during Vancouver Craft Beer Week. After the tour concluded I was offered a sample of their 9 beers. I think I mentioned this in my post about their Apricot Wheat Ale. I had already grabbed a bottle of the Squire Scotch Ale to try before I got a sample of it. When I tried that sample I knew I had done the right thing. So much so that I ended up going to their booth at the Fest-of-Ale for another, and slightly larger, sample.

Immediately, as the pop is topped, you are greeted by a cordial peaty smokiness. Going further you find it mingled with a sweet caramel. On the taste it starts off with a quick caramel fruit followed by a lingering peaty smokiness with a sweet presence throughout. The use of the peat smoked malts is perfect. It might not sate an Islay drinker, but I can’t see it getting any better for me. I found the sweetness to become a bit too much for me; however, I don’t eat/drink sweet things, so I’m a wuss when it comes to sweetness.

Rating: Good
Style: Scotch Ale
ABV: 6.5%
Serving Temp: 9-13ºC


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  1. steve permalink

    The first mistake you made was calling it “scotch” if you had called it Scottish ale i would have bought it, Everyone asumes that if it is from Scotland they are Scotch, Scottish people don’t like that , The only thing i buy that has those words is whiskey

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