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Two New Beers From Phillips, Maibock and Oatmeal Stout

May 3, 2010

From the monthly newsletter.

Next up, since spring is upon us, we decided to celebrate that fact with our take on a traditional Maibock. Expect a full body and big hop kick when you meet this beast. For a limited time, the Phillips Springbock is bounding into cold beer stores in the first week of May and will also be available here at the brewery for your growling pleasure.

After much swishing, smelling, tasting and deliberation, Phillips‘ crack team of judges have sorted through the top brews from the recent CAMRA (Campaign For Real Ale) BC’s annual homebrew competition and come up with our pick for our first annual Showcase Showdown. We’re happy to announce that Gary Giesbrecht’s oatmeal stout has been chosen as the best of the best. Garry will now join the Phillips brew team and craft a full-sized batch of his award-winning stout and said stout will be featured as the rotating fourth beer in Phillips’ Showcase mixed packs in the near future.

Rifflandabrau while return in time for Rifflandia again, which is in September. Rifflandabrau is billed a bohemian pilsner.

Expect to see their new IPA, which is replacing the original IPA, featured here either late tonight or more likely tomorrow.


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