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VCBW Starts Tomorrow!

May 9, 2010

Vancouver Craft Beer Week starts tomorrow and I don’t think I have ever been more excited about anything beery. The Great British Beer Festival in London last year would have to come in as a close second. If knew that I could drink all the beer there for free just because I was a volunteer it would be a tie.

Part of the reason why I am so excited for VCBW is that it’s not just a large building, or field in the case of GCBF, packed full of beer and people. This will be intimate settings with people who love and appreciate beer as much you, and are not looking to get drunk off ‘exotic’ beer. Most beer festivals are one or two days. This is a whole week. A whole week of celebrating not just beer itself, but beer culture.

I plan to take full advantage of this week.

My VCBW schedule:

    Monday: Hopopalooza
    Tuesday: DIX to watch the Canucks game.
    Wednesday: Phillips dinner at Stella’s
    Thursday: Yaletown dinner
    Friday: Salt Spring Ales’ meet and greet
    BC Beer Awards
    Saturday: Friend’s birthday in PoCo.

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