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Winners of the 2010 CAMRA BC Amateur Brewing Competition

May 9, 2010

This is the contest were the winner gets their beer brewed by Phillips. Gary Giesbrecht’s Oatmeal stout won that honour.

A big thank-you to all the brewers who participated in this year’s amateur brewers competition! The judges all agreed that the overall quality of the beers entered were the best we’ve ever had! On top of that, we had significant increase in the number of entries over last year. Well done!

A very big thank-you to all the volunteers, judges, stewards and others who helped the event run smoothly. And a special acknowledgement to Matt Phillips for sponsoring the Showcase Showdown! It was a great success!

As a way to say “thank-you” and to celebrate, both CAMRA Victoria and CAMRA Vancouver will host an “awards night” to hand out prizes and ribbons. Keep your eyes on this site and watch the CAMRA email list for details, times and locations.

Now, for what you’ve all been waiting for: the results of the 2010 CAMRA Amateur Brewers Competition. The following table lists the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners for each category. For Victoria residents, individual score sheets can be picked up at Askim’s Beer and Wine Emporium. For those who entered from Vancouver or the lower mainland, your score sheets will eventually be mailed out along with ribbons and will be distributed during your awards night.

Read on for the results

Beer Category Brewer Beer Place
Light Lager Hugh Hinskens Dortmund Pils 1st
Ari Gligson Blue House Later 2nd
Richard Slocom Munich Helles 3rd
Brad Clarke Wheat Pilsner 1st (BOP)
Richard Cusler Honey Lager 2nd (BOP)
Dark Lager Greg Mills Black Lager 1st
David Peach Dark Lager 2nd
Chais Mintenpo Dunkel Lager 3rd
George Gogoulis Marzen 1st (BOP)
Debbie Purse Bavarian Bock 2nd (BOP)
Wes Zetaruk Honey Brown Lager 3rd (BOP)
English, Scottish Ales & Bitters Jeffrey Woodworth Scotch Ale 1st (tied)
Greg Mills Golden Ale 1st (tied)
Matt Cook Happy Bitter 2nd
Robert Irvine ESB 1st BOP
Stewart Mark Cream
2nd (BOP)
David Atchem Bitter 1st*
Pale Ale Doug White Pale Ale 1st
Duncan Johannessen Summer Kolsch 2nd
Bill Riel American Pale Ale 3rd
IPA Graham With Beat Warren IPA 1st (James Cline Memorial Award)
Warren Boyer IPA 2nd
Dan Ericksen IPA 3rd
John Rowling IPA 1st (BOP)
Robert Irvine IPA 2nd (BOP)
Linda Troke IPA 3rd (BOP)
Brown Ales, Milds & Porters Dave Shaykewich American Amber 1st
B. Wood J. Morent Brown Ale 2nd
David O’Halloran Brown Ale 3rd
J. Gard Chocolate Porter 1st (BOP)
Robert Schutte Brown Ale 2nd (BOP)
Stout Gary Giesbrecht Oatmeal Stout 1st
R. Slocomb W. Paquette Coffee Oatmeal Stout 2nd
G With K. Wright Milk Stout 3rd
Big Beers Coby Stubel Imperial Stout 1st
G. With K. Wright Brussels Strong Ale 2nd
Devin Thiele Imperial Stout 3rd
Specialty David O’Halloran Saison 1st
Brian Wood Pumkin-up-the-Vol Ale 2nd
Hitche Halihan Sprigy Pudding 3rd
BEST OF SHOW Gary Giesbrecht Oatmeal Stout BOS
Phillips Showcase Winner Gary Giesbrecht Oatmeal Stout Showcase

*David’s entry was mistakenly categorized as a BOP. This was an error on the part of competition organizers and was not discovered until after judging. His high score entitled him to first place in the category, but it was decided that it wasn’t fair to demote the previous (tied) winners post judging.


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  1. I like the “Beat Warren IPA” — That Warren guy must make a real mean one!!

  2. Warren permalink

    damn rights that Warren guy makes a mean IPA. best of show last year at this contest.

  3. David permalink

    When are you going to send out the score sheets?

    • I have no affiliation with this contest. All I can say help you with is:

      The 2010 CAMRA BC Amateur Brewing Competition awards and prizes (Victoria 1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners) will be presented at 7:30 on Thursday, June 17, at Christie’s Pub, 1739 Fort Street.
      All competition entrants, judges, stewards, and organizers are invited.
      Join us for a relaxing evening (mild heckling allowed).

      e-mail Bill Riel ask him wgriel @

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