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BC Beer Awards Winners

May 17, 2010

I tweeted the gold medal winners, but I couldn’t keep up with the rest. Well here they are:

    Best of Show
    Ian Hill’s Yaletown Brick and Beam IPA

    Session Ale
    1st – Saltspring Golden Ale
    2nd – Howe Sound Garibaldi Pale Ale
    3rd – Whistler Honey Lager

    Wheat Beer
    1st – Yaletown Hill’s Special
    2nd – Driftwood White Bark Wheat
    3rd – Steamworks Ipanema Wheat

    1st – Vancouver Island Herman’s Dark Lager
    2nd – Okanagan Springs 1516 Lager
    3rd – Longwood Pilsner

    1st – Granville Island Nut Brown Ale
    2nd – Canoe Beaver Brown Ale
    3rd – Tree Brewing Hophead 45 Red Ale

    Pale Ale
    1st – Central City Red Racer ESB
    2nd – Driftwood Ale
    3rd – Central City Red Racer Pale Ale

    Other Dark
    1st – Phillips Skookum Cascadian Dark Ale
    2nd – Okanagan Springs Black Lager
    3rd – Fat Cat Bunny’s Black and Tan

    Fruit Flavored
    1st – Storm Black Currant Lambic
    2nd – Phillips Longboat Chocolate Porter
    3rd – Swans Coconut Porter

    1st – Yaletown Brick and Beam IPA
    2nd – High Mountain Wodward’s IPA
    3rd – Central City Red Racer IPA

    Stouts / Porters
    1st – Phillips The Hammer Imperial Stout
    2nd – Lighthouse Keeper’s Stout
    3rd – Howe Sound Diamond Head Stout

    Spiced / Seasonal
    1st – Yaletown Oud Bruin
    2nd – Tree Brewing Spiced Reserve
    3rd – Driftwood Farmhand Ale

    Strong Beer
    1st – Driftwood Old Cellar Dweller Barley Wine
    2nd – Central City Thor’s Hammer Barley Wine
    3rd – Swans Scotch Ale


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  1. Did Yaletown really step up their game this much? I’ve never found much to get too excited about, but they are decent enough.

  2. Their hefeweizen is great, the IPA is great and the Oud Bruin is otherworldly.

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