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BC’s 19 Must Drink Right Now Beers

May 18, 2010

In order to throw away any credibility I may have generated, I have created a list that didn’t take any real effort. On the list you will find beers only good beers. They are all either new to BC, one-off, great seasonals, or recipe changes. Either way they’ll all good.

Storm’s 12(13) year old Black Currant Lambic
Okanagan Springs’ 25th Anniversary Hopped Lager
Tree’s Serendipity No 1
VCBW Collaboration Ale
Dix’s Grand Cru
Howe Sound’s Pothole Filler
Yaletown’s Brick and Beam IPA
Dockside’s Cartwright Pale Ale
Central City’s Chipotle Maibock
Dead Frog’s 2 1/2 Year Anniversary Ale
Yaletown’s Oud Bruin
Central City’s Thor’s Hammer
Howe Sound’s Total Eclipse of the Hop
Crannog’s 10th Anniversary IPA
Driftwood’s Naughty Hildegard
Lighthouse’s Highland Championship
Cannery’s Squire Scotch Ale
Russell’s A Wee Angry Scotch Ale
Phillips’ Hop Circle

(no. 20 Driftwood’s Belle Royale)


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  1. Not much to disagree with here mate. I’d add Driftwood’s Belle Royale too? I just got done moving house, have been out of loop catching up with work. VCBW was kind to you I take it…

  2. I thought the Belle Royale tasted like a lightly smoked salmon. It should be on there though.

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