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Phillips brew for Victoria Pub Co.

May 24, 2010

To honour the great poet Robert Service, Phillips Brewing has brewed a Scottish style ale that will be available at the three Victoria Pub Co pubs in Victoria. Bard and Banker, Irish Times, and Penny Farthing.

“This one is interesting as it requires making hot rocks and dumping them in the kettle to caramelize some of the sugars,” said Phillips, noting that’s traditionally how beer was made in wooden vessels that could not withstand a live flame under them. The process produces “full, rich, round, sweet flavours,” he said.

Phillips says his latest ale starts with an initial sweetness with a hint of smoke and ends crisp and dry.

Service 1904 went into service yesterday only at MacNeil’s three outlets. There are no plans to market the beer outside Victoria, MacNeil said.

Sounds like it’s that beer that Dan, of smallbeer, saw, and tasted, in their pilot brewery.


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  1. From that description, I’d say you’re right. He even describes it identically.

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