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What’s a Butter Tart?

June 3, 2010

I can only assume a butter tart is some kind of Eastern Canadian delicacy, like poutine; but unlike poutine it hasn’t made its way east. If it has I’ll still stick with my Nanaimo bars. The amount of butter in those is probably equivalent, if not more than, a butter tart.

I’ve gone all Pythagoras on you, my dear readers. Let’s use an iron to straighten this out. On the right there under the links to BC beer sites you’ll see an image with the words “Beer and Butter Tarts Canadian Food Blogs.” This is also a link, one that takes you to Beer and Butter Tarts. What is Beer and Butter Tarts? It’s a recently relaunched Canadian food and drink (beer!) blog aggregator.

You guys should check it out. Since you are here you likely drink beer, and I assume you all eat food, unless you’re a vegan. I’m sorry, I have nothing against vegans.


If you got a blog that deals in food or drink (beer!) get it added. I’m currently BC’s only blog. Unacceptable.


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  1. You’re totally missing out if you’ve never had a butter tart before. And I wouldn’t say they haven’t made them to BC, since they were a mainstay in my house growing up.

  2. dan smallbeer permalink

    Consider me aggregated.

    Butter tarts, along with bread and butter pudding, are legendary British treats that I could not have survived my youth without. I also advise you track down a decent eccles cake, good lord…

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