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Phillips, a Conspiracy or Coincidence?

June 9, 2010

This isn’t going where you’d think it’s going to go. Put away those foil hats. Just a bit of light-hearted fun, eh. I’ve noticed some odd connections between Phillips Brewing and Victoria Brewing Company of yore.

First just take a look at this handsome building. Impressive, yes. That was the Victoria Brewing Company’s new building built-in 1891 at the corner of Government and Discovery.

In 1892 Victoria Brewing Company merged with Phoenix Brewery (Phoenix Brewery was located at Yates and Blanshard) to form Victoria-Phoenix Brewing Company Limited Liability (VPBCLL). If you look at above at the Phillips image above you’ll noticed the phoenix head, the breweries logo. Coincidence, or an homage to Victoria’s brewing past. When Matt selected the Phoenix they were based out of Esquimalt.

Now, you’re probably thinking is that it? Well no, that’s not it. Phillips is no longer in Esquimalt. They are now brewing out of a building by Government and Discovery. Yes, the same intersection as VPBCLL; but not on same spot, as the map on the right shows. Coincidence or intentional throw back to rich brewing history of Victoria. One whose spirit will not die.

What ever happened to that handsome building at the corner of Government and Discovery? It was demolished in 1982 and replaced by this hideous thing.


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