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BC Beer – Granville Island Ginger Beer

June 20, 2010

This beer is an alcoholic version of a traditional Caribbean Ginger Beer.
Ginger Beer combines water, malt, hops and yeast with fresh ginger root to creat a refreshing taste with the flavour and aroma of ginger and a bit of that spicy warmth you can only get from Jamaica.
Enjoy Ginger Beer on the its own or paired with spicy foods like Jamaican jerk or milder foods like sushi.

I was going to fill this post with all kinds of cliché Jamaican jokes, a few pot references here, a couple of sentences ending with ‘mon.’ Turns out the majority of Jamaicans aren’t Rastafarians. Who knew?

I haven’t much experience with ginger beer that isn’t called Canada Dry. Yeah, that means I have no real experience with two exceptions. While I was at VCBW I had a sample of Steamworks Ginger Beard. Nicely crafted, but was too rich. The sample pour, delicious as it was, was enough. The other experience would be Howe Sound Father John’s Winter Ale. Big flavours of ginger in that beer, however there is lot more added and going on in it.

Ginger Beer was a pleasure to drink. I’m really glad Vern has brewed it up again this year. Anyone who has the audacity to say they aren’t a craft brewery has no concept of the term. It’s all about the product, and what a delightfully delicious product Granville Island’s Ginger Beer. A nicely balanced display of fresh ginger on a smooth crisp palate of malt. The ginger provides generous helping of its natural gentle spiciness. All of this provided in a soda like environment.

I imagine this to be perfect beverage to sit and drink on a white sandy beach. If this beer was a little regular than once a year I could see myself doing that often. It may not meet the needs of gingerphile, but there is not denying that is a fun beer to drink.

Rating: Average
Style: Ginger Beer
ABV: 5.0%
Serving Temp: 7-10ºC
BCL: 738922


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