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Best Looking Six Pack?

June 24, 2010

I was working in Sparwood for last 6 days. Don’t know where Sparwood is? Neither do I. They do have the world’s largest truck there. It’s pretty big. I was really hoping to be able to find some Fernie products available. The brewery is only 15 minutes away. Not too much of an unmodest request. Turns out I was expecting too much.

While perusing the local BCL my eyes caught a glimpse of something I’ve never before. I was drawn in. What was it? It was that six-pack box from Penticton’s Cannery Brewing. The Cannery Collection.

I’m not sure what drew me to it. Was the unique packaging? The quality of beers contained within? The lack of selection in the store? I don’t know what it was, I just knew that I wanted it.

Two cans of Naramata Nut Brown, two cans of Cannery’s IPA and two Anarchist Ambers those alone make a compelling argument.

I had initially referred to this packaging as the ‘cutest six-pack ever.’ That description doesn’t work with the manly association that beer has developed. So how do I describe it? I’m going with “the best looking six pack ever.” I think that sums it up.

I had forgotten how damn good the Naramata Nut Brown was. I planned on featured each one of these beers here. I kind of drank both the Naramatas. I’d like to think that I did this subconsciously so I would have to buy some more of it.

I should be driving through the Rockies when this gets posted on my way to Calgary to visit a friend and see what the city has to offer beer wise. I’ve already explored Jasper and Canmore this year and visited their brewpubs, respectively.

I’ll feature the Anarchist Amber when I get back, and give an update on my quest to kill my cellar (it’s not going so well).


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