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Daily Colonist Ad From March 19th, 1859

July 21, 2010

This ad was placed one year after German immigrant William Steinberger founded the brewery in a log cabin near Swan Lake. He originally came in search of that Fraser Valley gold, but instead he tried to brew his fortune.

I found many things interesting with this little ad. First is that they made their selling of ale very prominent. This, to me, implies that ale was the favourite beer of the local settlers and gold seekers. I can only speculate on what kind of ale was sold.

It’s no surprise that a German brewed a lager. But what kind of lager, or lagers, was it? The first Pilsner was brewed in 1842, 17 years prior. It is most likely he did not bring a pale/golden lager, over as the Dortmund breweries didn’t start brewing a golden lager until 1873. Then again the first pale lager brewed in the USA was in the 1840s. Again I can currently only speculate on what was brewed back then. How they brewed those lagers also intrigues me. Mechanical refrigeration that makes lagers, as we know them, wasn’t invented until 1873 by Carl von Linde. Previous to that breweries had to employ the use of icehouses to keep beer cold.

Another thing this ad implies that a lot of the beer was sent to the Lower Mainland, or that they were trying to expand their market. Queensborough is now part of modern-day New Westminster.

Steinberger sold the brewery a year later.


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