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Double Diamond Works Wonders!

July 21, 2010

I’ve developed a bit of a glassware fetish. To me they’ve become like Pokemon, I gotta catch them all. Well, at least one of each glass style. And in true Pokemon fashion I only end up using the same few over and over again.

I’ve scoured every thrift store I’ve come across, as well as every housewares section of every store that has such a section. So far I’ve up a very sleek tulip glass and a today I grabbed a new style of glass to add to my collection – a dimpled mug. I’ve seen many of them around, but they didn’t the cut. I was looking for something either unbranded or branded by a quality brewery. I got neither of those with this glass. The mug was branded by Double Diamond Original Burton Ale. Anything that is a nod to illustrious brewing history of Burton is okay with me. With my limited research (basic google search) I’ve come to conclusion that Double Diamond was, to put it colloquially, a shite beer.

Originally brewed by Ind Coope from 1876 until 2003. “Ind Coope merged with Samuel Allsopp & Sons in 1934, then with Ansells and Tetley Walker in 1961 to form Allied Breweries.”

I broke the glass in with a Chapeau Faro from Brouwerij De Troch. I do know that this is the wrong glass, but I was trying to keep in with the Belgian theme as it’s Beglium’s birthday today. Chapeau Faro was the hardest beer I’ve ever had to open, the cork kept crumbling. Unfortunately I was not rewarded for my efforts either. The beer is like drinking liquid sugar, incredibly sweet with dark fruits and a hint of rum. I wish I broke the glass in with a much better beer. Even a $2 can of Bass would have been better and fitting.

Double Diamond. I’m only here for the beer

Double Diamond – the Beer the Men Drink


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  1. Sorry dude, I scoured the local thrift shops before you arrived and picked up all the good glasses. Every week the misses finds a few good new ones. Last week she picked up a Leffe and a Maudite.

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