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Import Friday – De Ranke Day

July 31, 2010

So Raincity Brands brought in several beers from Belgium’s De Ranke brewery. Cook St. Liquor Store then brought three of them in to Victoria. I then brought them in to my apartment and drank them. Those three were Noir De Dottignies, Saison De Dottignies and XX Bitter. I started off with their most infamous brew.

My brand new Unibroue glass (thanks Dan) was acquainted with an effervescent golden ale. My nostrils are greeted by fragrantly floral hops, lemon, gentle spices and light grains. The flavour profile is the same, however, the characteristically spicy Belgian yeast phenols started to come through. XX Bitter only has a light bitterness. The carbonation gives the beer a creamy mouthfeel. XX Bitter leaves a gentle lingering flavour that refuses to leave and makes you want to keep feeding it in fear that it may eventually fade.

Rating: Good
Style: Belgian Golden Ale
ABV: 6.2%
Serving Temp: 8ºC
BCL: 24663, 468298

Another golden ale for my just broken in Unibroue glass. A cedary, earthy aroma is immediately apparent, followed by hints of lemon, noble hops and brettanomyces qualities. The taste is similar but there is a much more of a malt presence in the taste along with some herbal hop qualities coming through. Saison de Dotttignies starts off sweet but ends up refreshingly dry with an almost bitter finish. This beer is simply subtle and intriguingly complex. When you read all about Saisons, the history and why their were brewed, this is the beer you imagine them being.

Rating: Great
Style: Saison
ABV: 5.5%
Serving Temp: 6-8ºC
BCL: 22368, 581066

I wasn’t too sure what to expect from Noir de Dotttignies. I did have a feeling that it would be dark. And dark it is, an incredibly deep garnet. The nose is huge coffee, chocolate, rich dark fruits and molasses. The taste is much the same with joining of the phenolic spicy flavour Belgian yeasts are so well-known for. This milky smooth beer has a gentle hoppy bitterness leading to an even finish. The 9% alcohol is hidden so well I think the label gotta be wrong.

Rating: Good
Style: Strong Dark Belgian Ale
ABV: 9.0%
Serving Temp: 10ºC
BCL: 595744, 551234

I’m so glad theses beers were brought in to BC. Thanks Adam for bringing these guys to BC, and thanks to Cook St. for bringing them to us Victorians.


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