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BC Beer – Mt. Begbie High Country Kolsch + New Glasses

August 25, 2010

I picked up a pair of German Kolsch glasses. Kolsch originated in Köln (Cologne) and is traditionally served in 200ml glasses. How it works is that a server walks around with a pitcher of beer and tops your glass up when it’s empty. When you no longer want to drink anymore you place your mat over the glass.

I figured the best way to break them in is with my favourite BC Kolsch, Mt. Begbie’s High Country Kolsch. Not easy finding Mt. Begbie beers in Victoria, but luckily Cook St. Liquor Store carries this beer in six packs. This is BC’s only year-round Kolsch. Phillips offers one every Summer under a new moniker, this year it is named Big Time Out Kolsch, after the Big Time Out music festical.

The first glass is the one on the right. “Die Kleine Mollige,” which according to Babelfish means “the small chubby one.” I think it may be referring to the dog looking thing on the glass, or perhaps the brewer himself. The brewery is Brauerei Lohöfer. The only thing I can find out about them that they are from Bad Sassendorf and the brewery was founded in 1850. There are no listings on either BeerAdvocate or RateBeer for it, so I don’t know if they still brew.

The other glass is from the Brauhaus Bönnsch located in the town of Bonn. Brauhaus Bönnsch is the town’s sole brewery/brewpub. The unique thing about this glass is that it has a hand grip, which isn’t very apparent in the picture.

A light bodied, refreshing German ale. Craft brewed in small batches in the heart of the majestic Selkirk Mountains. Revelstoke’s hidden gem… a real thirst quencher!

My tiny glasses were greeted with a bright, clear, effervescent, golden ale. High Country Kolsch has a grainy malt profile, gentle floral hops with touch of honey and lemon. A well done simple beer than you can consumed in large quantities, like the way a Kolsch should be.

Rating: Good
Style: Kolsch
ABV: 4.5%
Serving Temp: 6ºC
BCL: 884858

Some pictures from the breweries that the glasses are from after the jump.

Brauerei Lohöfer:

That’s the brewery.

Brauhaus Bönnsch:


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  1. Russ Wach permalink

    die kleine mollige refers to the small stubby bottle the beer came in. I have a bar sign from Lohoefer passed down from my gramps.

  2. S McIntosh permalink

    Die Kleine Mollige started brewing in 1850 and clsoed in 1971. My father drank this beer when we were stationed in Germany 60-63

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