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BC Beer – NatureLand Organic Hefeweizen

September 13, 2010

Another great weekend known as the Great Canadian Beer Festival has come and gone. Two days is not enough time. So many beers, so little time to enjoy them all. I was really impressed with some of the beer that the brewers brought out.

Natureland is Pacific Western’s organic line. Pacific Western bring us beers like Dude Lime Light and Ironhorse, so when I bought this six-pack I did so with much trepidation. The only thing that eased me was it’s hard as hell to not make a drinkable hefeweizen. Well, I used to think that until I had Leveanworth’s hefeweizen in Seattle last weekend. Is Pacific Western’s hefeweizen worth your money? Let’s go explore and find out.

A boisterously billowing soap-like head, with an aroma to match – banana soap with a slight herbal quality. The taste is much the same, but the soapiness has become a dull roar. Overall drinkable, but not much going on. So, it is worth the money? No, there are many (every) better hefeweizens made in BC with Howe Sound’s King Heffy being, well, their king.

Rating: Average
Style: Hefeweizen
ABV: 5.0%
Serving Temp: 6ºC
BCL: n/a


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One Comment
  1. Well I cant wait to taste organic beers. As what this blog said too many beers for a limit of 2 days, crap that too short…

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