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BC Beer – Driftwood Sartori Harvest IPA 2010

October 16, 2010

Another batch of Driftwood yearly wet-hopped ale. I’ll let the bottle do the talking.

This “wet-hopped” IPA can only be brewed once a year, during hop harvest. Brewed with fresh Centennial hops from BC’s own Sartori Cedar Ranch hop farm south of Chilliwack, the fresh un-dried hop flowers are pulled from the vines and rushed back to our brewery where they are immediately used in this celebration of BC hops! This ale clocks in at a healthy 66 IBUs; beware!

It’s instantly obvious a hulking heap of healthy hops were used to create this beer. Citrus, some floral notes, a bit of spiciness, candy, pine, earthy and woody. The pine picks up a bit on the taste. Despite the hearty hoard of hops in the bottle there is still a sweet, toffee malt present. The 7% comes through with just a touch of alcohol at backend. Finishes dry with a snappy bitterness which leads to a willfully woody flavour waiting on your tongue. A subtle reminder of this cache of the commendable Centennial hops. Overall an incredibly delicious IPA. I’ve been told that this year’s isn’t as good as last year’s. If next year’s is a good as this year’s I think I could easily settle for that.

Rating: Great
Style: Wet-Hop IPA
ABV: 7.0%
Serving Temp: 6ºC
BCL: 83188


From → Beer, Limited Release

  1. I think it wasn’t as good as last year, but it was still a very, very good IPA. Apparently the alphas were a little lower in the hops, but it isn’t possible to test fresh hops quick enough to use them while fresh.

    I have a Phillips WetHop here. I wonder if this one will be good?

  2. i just cracked my bottle of Sartori… so far… i really like it. but i have to say, i do like their Fat Tug a little more… it’s got more of a kick, i think. but this has a nice hay aroma to it and… it’s got a nice mouth feel.
    the Phillips GrowHop was good… but, i have to say it wasn’t as good as last years. and their Crazy8’s was probably my fave.
    anyways, i will go back to enjoying this bottle. 🙂

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