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BC Beer – Crannog Red Branch

October 18, 2010

this little piggy is ready to party

From Wikipedia:

The Red Branch (from Old Irish: Cróeb Ruad meaning “dull red branch”; alternatively, from Old Irish: Cróeb Derg meaning “bright red branch”) is the name of two of the three royal houses of the king of Ulster, Conchobar mac Nessa, at his capital Emain Macha (Navan Fort, near Armagh), in the Ulster Cycle of Irish mythology. In modern retellings it is sometimes used as the name of an order of warriors, the Red Branch Knights.

The name Red Branch Knights was used by a loyalist paramilitary group from Northern Ireland in September 1992 to claim responsibility for incendiary devices and a blast bomb left in a Dublin- based bank in Newtownabbey. Statements were sent to the media threatening action against anyone with political or economic links with the Republic of Ireland. They are not known to have been responsible for any casualties during the Troubles.

Who ever said drinking beer wasn’t educational?

Red Branch is another all organic offering of the Irish-British influenced Crannog Ales. My parents live about 7 minutes away from the brewery. I like visiting the brewery. I usually make the trip to pick up a growler. Sadly, on this trip back home I never got to visit the brewery. There is an upside, I found a party pig of Red Branch in the parents fridge. Can’t complain with that.

A rich malty nose. Caramel, butterscotch, vanilla, a touch of roasted malt providing some coffee and chocolate aromas and the hops come through with a slightly vegetal and woody aroma. When drank the diactyl (butterscotch) picks up, as do the hops. The hops come through on the backend providing the slightest of bitterness. Finishes rather dry with a lingering return from the hops.

Red Branch makes for a great pub pint, providing you don’t mind diactyl.

Rating: Average
Style: Irish Red Ale
ABV: 5.1%
Serving Temp: 8ºC
BCL: n/a


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  1. Dad permalink

    I though the pig was a little light 🙂

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