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BC Beer – Phillips Blackberry HeiferBison

October 25, 2010

Another in Phillips fruit filled beers with puns as a name. That’s all I say on that subject.

Blackberry HeiferBison
Scientific Name: Rubus Allegheniensus Bos Primigenius Bison Bison
Habitat: The Blackberry Heiferbison is indigenous to the republic of Cascadia
Ideal Date: A ramble through the brambles on a cloudy day
Favourite Position: Horns down, teats up
Personal Soundtrack: Black Sabbath, Barry White, Bison BC

What? You’ve never seen a Blackberry HeiferBison before? This rare creature can be a little shy at the beginning, but once you get to know them, their charms are undeniable. Sweet blackberry hints mingle with the wheatiness of a refreshing hefeweizen. Do yourself a favour and pour the HeiferBison in to a glass, because the colour needs to be seen to be appreciated.”

When poured out I was surprised at how red-pink it was. I thought blackberries would, ya know, make it looks darker. I imagine it would look even pinker if it was slightly cloudy. The head, what little there was of it, was light purple colour. The strongest berry flavour I found was raspberry. If I told this was a raspberry beer I’d believe you. Blackberry flavour does come through, but it’s really watered-down. The wheat makes a subtle appearance with its soft caress. Tangy, with a sweet finish. The name is a misnomer, barely any blackberry flavour and barely any hefeweizen qualities. If you like boring fruit beers this is for you.

Rating: Average
Style: Fruit Beer
ABV: 5.0%
Serving Temp: 6-8ºC
BCL: 770065


From → Beer, Seasonal

  1. 8 Phillips beers have pun-based titles. Out of about 20. I thought it was more. It’s still an awful lot.

  2. I see you got to review this one first. Do bad it was a bit of a dud

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