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BC Beer – Lighthouse Shipwrecked Triple IPA

October 27, 2010

Lighthouse’s marketing man, John, invited me down to the brewery to share some of their newest beer and some information on upcoming beers. The information and beer were good.

Let’s get down to the good stuff. We’ll be a seeing a new beer in a bomber from Lighthouse about every two months. Next one is a Doppelbock, which also has a really sharp-looking label, and it’s slated for a December first release. Each beer will be unique. The third one? To be decided, but expect it in early February.

Now the other bit of news that, due to BCLDB rules, the winter ale is only going to be available in the new mixed 12 packs. The pack consists of the Winter Ale, Race Rocks Amber, Riptide Pale Ale, Fisgard 150.

I almost forgot about this, but their newest brewer, Dean, is putting together a pilot brewery. It will serve two functions, one to test out new recipes for the bomber series, and the other is to make casks of beer. That makes Phillips’ the only brewery in Victoria not to do casks. Lighthouse will debut their first unique cask at Spinnaker’s Fall Firkin Festival. The same festival that I forgot to post about and sold out yesterday.

I also asked why call it a triple IPA. Basically they felt it was too big to be just any ordinary double IPA, and not intense enough to be called an imperial IPA (think Moylan’s Hopsickle), so triple IPA it is.

First off, the label is badass. On the first sip at the brewery I was instantly reminded of Phillips’ 9 Donkeys of the Hopocalypse in colour and profile, but hoppier and slightly better. Shipwrecked has an aroma of herbal, grassy, peaches, toffee and pine. The toffee malt subsides when drank. The alcohol comes through mid-way with a gentle warming. As the beer warms the alcohol becomes dominant. When it gets to room temperature the alcohol makes it almost undrinkable. People say this is a sign of a bad beer, but it’s so darn good when it’s cold I can’t fault it for that. I just won’t take my time next go around. Anyways, Shipwrecked becomes a bit sweet, then finishes dry. I could taste the lingering hops blocks away as I walked towards downtown. Made me have second thoughts about sitting down and cracking open the bottle they gave me.

Rating: Good
Style: Triple IPA
ABV: 10.0%
Serving Temp: 4ºC
BCL: 641381


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  1. Glad to see I made it into your review! Haven’t cracked mine yet but when I do I’ll make sure it’s nice and chilled!

  2. “Nice and chilled” is not the way to serve this beer. It becomes unpleasantly bitter because the malt flavour is suppressed, putting it out of balance. High ABV ales, aka winter warmers, are typically served above cellar temperature.

  3. BTW, don’t expect a cask from Phillips any time soon. Matt Phillips doesn’t believe in them.

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