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Interview With David Woodward of Tofino Brewing

October 27, 2010

This is from the CAMRA Vancouver Weekly Newsletter. If you live in, or near, Vancouver sign up for it here. It is the best way to know what’s going on in the Lower Mainland.

Announced just over a week ago, Tofino Brewing Company is a new brewery nearing completion in Tofino BC. Brewmaster David Woodward (former brewmaster at Whistler Brew House) was kind enough to answer a few questions for us on this new project:

First off, can you give us a bit of background on this project? How did Tofino Brewing Company come about?

[DW]: The idea of starting a small craft brewery in Tofino had been kicking around in the back of founder Bryan O’Malley’s head for quite a long time. Bryan, a Tofino local with a family history of brewing, began sharing his dream with members of the community who shared his love for great beer and was quickly able to put together a small group of partners. Soon after, Tofino Brewing Company was born.

Where do you expect to distribute? Will we see kegs here in Vancouver?

[DW]: Primarily we’ll be focused on supplying the local market (Vancouver Island) and will focus on expanding to the mainland later on. Hopefully we can get some beer over for Caskival type events early next year.

When do you expect to start production at the brewhouse? Will TBC have a associated brew-pub or tasting room?

[DW]: The brewhouse is currently being installed and we hope to have beer ready for the Christmas season. And yes TBC will have a small tasting room.

Tofino has held a craft beer festival for the past few years. How do you feel about Tofino’s craft beer scene these days?

[DW]: I haven’t had the chance to experience the scene beer or otherwise in Tofino just yet but from what I hear it`s a real close knit community and I look forward to spending time meeting the locals and introducing them to great craft beers.

Let’s talk beers now. How many beers will TBC have at any given time? What are you planing to serve as your core brands?

[DW]: We’re going to be starting with two brands which will be determined very soon in November. There’s a pilot system waiting which I’m very looking forward to playing around with to create our new beers!

You’re known for the big beers you had brewed at Whistler Brew House. You’ve brewed sour styles, big imperial stouts (Heart of Darkness IPA) and citrusy IPAs that have won numerous awards. Can we expect some big seasonals and hoppy PNW IPA from TBC in the future?

[DW]: In addition to our regular beers we will definitely be doing some seasonals in the future. I’m hoping to find some space where we could store a barrel or two for some interesting projects I’ve got kicking around in my head. Like I mentioned before we’ve got a pilot system which I’ll hopefully be creating some special try in the brewery only creations!

For updates:
Twitter: @TofinoBrewCo
Facebook: Tofino Brewing Company

To read the rest of the newsletter click here.


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