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Import Friday – Moinette Blonde

November 26, 2010

I’ve meant to properly write this up since Sculpin. I drank the dang thing the night after.

When I first encountered Moinette Blonde it was in a Kamloops BCL store. At the time I thought, despite the large bottle, that $7.77 was too much for a beer. Man, times sure have changed. Quickly too.

Luck was with me a month later at the Okanagan Fest-of-Ales. The importers of Moinette Blonde, Bravo Beer Co, were pouring samples. That sample convinced me to buy a bottle, but it only hinted at what I was going to drink. The sample was nowhere near as a good as the bottle I drank. Yet, the sample was good enough to make me overcome my frugality.

The BCL are known for not rotating their products, or giving a single fuck about their products to be more precise. I bought the bottle shortly after the Fest-of-Ale, so spring time. It then sat on a shelf for more months that most people would normally let it. When I eventually popped the cork it said 2008 on it. I was told that this is the year of the bottle. There were no markings on the bottle to claim otherwise.

As the cork popped a spicy herbal aroma cascaded out as the carbonation billowed out of the bottle. A closer inspection reveals candy, slight funkiness, citrus, lemon, wheat, light grain and pear. On the taste the malt comes through with a biscuit like presence. Moinette Blonde has a very high, yet incredibly smooth, carbonation that increases the body of the beer. A light alcohol presence is detectable throughout. Finishes fairly dry. Very smooth highly drinkable beer.

I need more of that batch. Moinette Blonde also has undergone a 14 cent reduction of price at the BCL since I bought my bottle.

Rating: Great
Style: Belgian Blonde Ale
ABV: 8.5%
Serving Temp: 8ºC
BCL: 219600


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  1. Brasserie Dupont’s whole line-up rarely disappoints! I wish they were more readily available – they seem to go in and out of stock in BC.

    The Brune and Saison are also awesome!

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