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BC Beer – Granville Island Cypress Honey Lager

December 28, 2010

I just spent 3 hours cleaning the bathroom in my apartment, while doing two loads of laundry. Then I vacuumed for forty minutes. Time for a beer, or two.

Opening my fridge presented me with several opportunities. I had Spinnakers three newest beers – Uber Blonde, Festive Saison and Happy New Beer. There were also three of Stone Brewing’s collaboration beers – Juxtaposition, Saison du Buff and Special Holiday Ale. As you can guess, I went for neither of those six brews, instead opting for a Granville Island Cypress Honey Lager.

I was given nine beers as a thank you for working late on a Friday from one of my company’s clients. There were others in the case – Granville Island English Bay Pale Ale and Okanagan Springs Pale Ale. Not exactly what I would have preferred, but I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Granville Island first released Cypress Honey Lager in 1997. It was originally intended as a limited release, but it became so popular Granville continued to brew it. It’s now one of their best-selling beers.

Cypress Honey Lager has an aroma of light grain, hay/grass and a touch of citrus hop presence. On the taste it’s on the sweet side with that light grain and grass flavour starting and finishing with a slight vegetal presence on the backend and some touch of honey. So slight, that it’s almost nice, almost. The finish is quite dry, giving how the beer the itself is on the sweet side. I think this lager has accomplished its goal, by being highly drinkable, or inoffensive, and refreshing. Sure, it might be on the plain side of thing, but I can certainly see myself drinking more of this. And why shouldn’t I?

Rating: Average
Style: Honey Lager
ABV: 4.7%
Serving Temp: 6ºC
BCL: 684225, 707521, 684233


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