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My Top 10 Beers of 2010

January 3, 2011

I’ve mulled this one over for a few days now. It’s difficult to remember 365 days of drinking, but I’m going to try my darnedest.

1 ) Charlevoix Dominus Vobiscum Lupulus

I have no problem saying this is a perfect beer. I picked up a bottle of the Lupulus and Hibernus from Viti in Vancouver during VCBW (only place to get it in BC). Dan says the Hibernus is better. I did, mistakenly, drink the Lupulus with him, so he might be right, but I don’t see how anything can get better than this beer.

2 ) Sink the Bismarck!

I bought a bottle of this on a whim because I didn’t have to pay for shipping. I had English relatives coming to visit me. I spent that $70 I saved on more beer. I had tried give myself a blackout of anything related to BrewDog or Sink the Bismarck before I had a chance to drink it. I wasn’t expecting it to be drinkable, yet alone the second best dang thing I drank. Ian of Left4Beer put together an event to feature it. Read about over on his blog.

3 ) Moinette Blonde (2008)

What a surprise this beer was. I have no idea why people don’t talk about it. Ever. I mean just look at the picture I took of it. It does no justice!

4 ) Driftwood Naughty Hildegard

Sexiest goddamn beer ever. Even the label is sexually suggestive.

5 ) Storm 12-year old Blackcurrant Lambic

What does 12 years of patience get you? The best damn sour beer in the world. I may not be qualified to say that, but I’ve yet had anything that compares to it.

6 ) Dieu Du Ciel Aphrodisiaque

Best enjoyed fresh. The vanilla is just so vibrant, yet it sits delicately in the background.

7 ) Sierra Nevada Tumbler

I think atmosphere might have had an effect on my experience with Sierra Nevada’s Tumbler. I was in Seattle for the first time and had picked up a six-pack of this, then, newly released beer for $7 along with some fried chicken from a grocery. I think I may have shared this story before. A perfect brown ale? Yes. Yes it is.

8 ) King Pilsner

King is a brewery in Nobleton, Ontario. They have a slighty cheesy outdated website, but their beers are dang good. King definitely takes the quality, not quantity approach to brewing by only brewing three different beer. A dark lager, a pilsbock and a near perfect Pilsner. I was sent a bottle of three beers in a Canadian beer it forward. I enjoyed it so much that I made sure I got another two bottles in a later beer trade with a Ontarian. If King Pilsner was brewed in BC it might replace Red Racer IPA as my go-to beer.

9 ) De Ranke Saison de Dotttignies

What every saison should aspire to. Read what I previously wrote about it.

10 ) Ballast Point Sculpin

Best IPA I’ve had to date. Read more.

A cheeky 11th place goes to Central City’s Thor’s Hammer Barleywine.

There you go, my beery highlights of 2010. I had bumped a few off as I remembered others: last year’s batches of Crannog’s Old Puddin Head, Lighthouse’s cask, Bunker A, at Spinnakers Fall Firkin Festival, Central City’s Imperial IPA and Hopworks Abominable Winter Ale.


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  1. Interesting list. There are lots of products from all over the map on here, which is cool. Too many of these lists feature nothing but obscure European beers, or huge IPAs. (which, dont get me wrong I love) You’ve got a good range of beers on here from the local area, as well as the rest of Canada, Cascadia, and beyond. I just tried the Saison de Dottignies the other day, and can’t remember the last time a beer’s flvour stayed with me for so long. Its got me excited about making a Saison myself. Keep it up,

    • Too be fair only two of them you can’t buy in BC, King Pilsner and Sierra Nevada Tumbler. Sierra Nevada is now exporting here full time, so that is inevitability. And King Brewery was just bought out with plans of inter-Canada expansion. The brewmaster is staying on board, so quality of the beer should not drop.

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