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BC Beer – Okanagan Spring Pale Ale

January 17, 2011

Another one of those free beers from the dentist. Can’t believe it’s been two weeks since my last post. It was a sham of a post too. Top ten, or any numbered list, is old hat, unless you’re

Okanagan Spring get a lot of flack for not being a true craft brewery. The fact I think the term ‘craft beer’ originated out of the backside of a bull is a different story for a different time. I can see where the sentiment comes from. Okanagan Spring are owned by Japan’s third largest brewery, Sapporo. Sapporo also own Unibroue. I like Unibroue. So, I don’t buy that argument. I also hear that their beer is just no good. I’m not too versed with Okanagan Spring’s offerings. I did like their 25th Anniversary Hopped Lager. And while searching for a link to that post I found out that I also drank their Lager, and I thought it was better than the typical main stream offerings. Yet, not good enough to even remember that I drank it. 1 for 2 so far Okanagan Spring. Let’s check out this Pale Ale of yours.

It tastes and smells like someone dumped caramel syrup in to a can of Lucky Lager. 1 for 3 now.

Rating: Bad
Style: Pale Ale
ABV: 5.0%
Serving Temp: 4ºC
BCL: 927574


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  1. leo permalink

    You were MIA for 2 weeks so you caught me off guard with the Okanagen Spring but this was a good read. Especially since a lot of people I’ve come across who drink the Okanagen Spring Pale Ale think they’re beer coinusseirs. I didn’t mind the hopped lagger either.

  2. Ya I agree, for the most part OK Springs beers sit on the wrong side of average, but I think it needs to be said that this brewery was one of the pioneers of the micro-brew industry in BC. I can remember being a kid barely able to see over the table at the local fish and chip shop, and watching my parents tentatively drinking OK Springs Pale Ale. Even the way they said “Pale Ale” sounded somewhat adventurous as it was not a term they were used to and it was an age where Molson and Labatt really were the only choices. I agree with the review for sure, but just wanted to say a word in their defense.

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