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Several New Beers Out Now

January 19, 2011

I’ve been slacking on these lately, so I’ll just try to do my best and catch up with been released in the last couple weeks.

First I’ll start off with Granville Island Scottish Ale. Not sure if its a reincarnation of the Scottish Ale they brewed about 4 years ago.

If you’ve been hearing bagpipes from Granville Island Brewing’s brewery, or seen taproom staff combing False Creek for signs of the Loch Ness Monster, don’t be alarmed. GIB’s newest creation, Scottish Ale, hits local liquor stores on January 17. The craft beer is full-bodied and bold as the lochs, hills, and coastline that inspired it. Chestnut brown in colour, Scottish Ale is definitively malt-forward, with layers of big roasted and malted barley flavours.

“We’re full of Highland pride! The rich malty flavours of our Scottish Ale taste great with a hearty winter roast or game, and perhaps a Forfar Bridie if you can find one this side of the Atlantic,” says Granville Island brewmaster Vern Lambourne.

Aside from enjoying Scottish Ale with your favourite mates after some caber-tossing, it’s also a fantastic culinary addition. Classically brewed Scotch ales add flavour and body to sauces without the bitterness of high-hopped varieties such as IPAs. The smooth, malty barley flavours enrich sauces and reductions. Try serving roast beef and Scottish Ale gravy, with a side of winter root vegetable mash made from Pemberton organic potatoes, carrots, and celeriac. For the sweet tooth at the table, Scottish Ale’s flavour nicely complements bittersweet 70 percent cocoa dark chocolate.

Second we have Driftwood’s Singularity Bourbon Barrel-aged Russian Imperial Stout. The name isn’t just a mouthful. Hopefully I’ll get a post on it ready for tomorrow. For a more detailed description head on over to my other blogging project Beer On The Rock.

Four months in Kentucky Bourbon barrels has transformed this formidable Russian Imperial Stout to somewhere beyond the event horizon; the result is a beer of ‘infinite density’ and complexity

Third is Lighthouse’s Deckhand Belgian Saison. Again, check out Beer On The Rock for the full press release.

Deckhand Saison is a rich, golden, Belgian farmhouse style beer. Pilsner and Vienna malts added with flaked wheat gives this beer a soft malt character while the unique attributes of a true Belgian yeast strain add spicy, peppery and fruity flavours. The acidic sourness and dry finish complement the noble hop character of Styrian Goldings hops. True to this artesan style of beer we present it unfiltered so that you can taste the full flavour of this complex and very satisfying brew. A stemmed tulip glass will enhance the aroma and support the large foamy head.

Fourth up is Russell’s latest instalment in their Brewmaster’s Series, Blood Alley Bitter. Previously, this beer was only available at various cask nights and as the house bitter at the London Pub.

Blood Alley Bitter is and Extra Special Bitter named after a notorious cobblestone laneway in Vancouver’s Gastown district. At 50 IBUs this beer is slightly higher in bitterness than the average ESB but it is well balanced by the rich, roasted malt flavours.

We also have some seasonal beers returning. The well loved The Hammer from Phillips is now back on in shelves, and in two versions this year. One is the standard version and the other has been aged in bourbon barrels. And Tree returns with their good DIPA, Hop Head Double IPA. I have a bottle left over from last year. I really want to see how it stands up to a year of age. Expect a post on it soon.


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