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BC Beer – Driftwood Singularity

January 20, 2011

It’s nice to see someone in BC finally make an attempt at a boundary pushing beer. In the modern beer world you need to have one of those breweries, and Driftwood’s Singularity does that. Take the biggest beer ever brewed in BC (the 11.8% on the label is a damn lie) and let it sit inside of Kentucky bourbon barrels for four months, and it will cause you to approach an event horizon and create a massive beer.

I tried to look up what singularity was, but I’m no good at astrophysics. I’m not even going to pretend (I totally did). A friend told me the name is reference to the 1997 film Event Horizon. I’m happy enough with that.

Singularity is an immensely dark beer. If I hadn’t drunk a Three Floyds Dark Lord on Friday night, Singularity would have been the darkest beer I’ve seen. It now has to settle for second. Aroma of alcohol and bourbon with some chocolate covered raisins in the background. A rather underwhelming aroma given a beer of this gravity, however, on the taste it explodes with flavour. Singularity starts off with a bawdy blast of bourbon followed by soy sauce, licorice, butter, alcohol and brazil nuts with coffee and a general nuttiness on the back-end. It finishes dry with lingering cocoa, roasted bitterness that eventually gives way to leather. Don’t take too long to drink Singularity. After an hour and half of drinking it, the alcoholic presence dramatically shot up and made the last few sips hard more difficult to quaff, but I definitely made sure they wouldn’t go to waste.

Overall I really enjoyed Singularity, despite tasting lots of diactyl (butter). Maybe it was the diactyl that made Singularity not have that polished taste that I’ve come to expect from Driftwood. Maybe it was something else. I would like it if Driftwood didn’t become BC’s producer of boundary pushing beers. They’re too good for that. Driftwood, make good on your promise and master the Belgian-styled beer. They’re already on the way to it, and going further with a Flanders Red maturing in oak barrels.

Rating: Good
Style: Bourbon barrel-aged Russian Imperial Stout
ABV: 11.8%
Serving Temp: 12ºC
BCL: 890764


From → Beer, Limited Release

  1. Leo permalink

    Great post! I said the same thing about the ALC/VOL it’s a lie! I didn’t get any diactyl. Unless I didn’t notice it because it appeared caramely on my palate while you noticed it for its butter. I feel the same about your last comment.

  2. Ryan permalink

    I picked this up at Cascadia last night. Looking forward to trying it in the next day or two.

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