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BC Beer – Dead Frog Christmas Beeracle

February 1, 2011

I’ve always considered Dead Frog to be a solid brewery. They seemed to have rested on their laurels for a couple of years now. That all changed back in the Fall. Dead Frog gained some new life. Seasonals started rolling out, good ones too.

Whoa, huge nose of caramel-toffee with orange, ginger and cinnamon. Sweet, yet finishes dry.

Cheesy label aside, Christmas Beeracle is an enjoyable beer. With that said, I found it lacking. The flavours were weak and diminutive. It lacked the punch that one would expect from a winter warmer. Everything is there, just more of it is needed. This season’s batch is sold out, but if you can find it, try it out. I certainly wouldn’t hold any grudges, silent or not, if my name was filled out on the “To:” section of the label.

Rating: Average
Style: Winter Warmer
ABV: 5.0%
Serving Temp: 8ºC
BCL: n/a

Dead Frog has also just released an IPA, Citra IPA. I’m going to assume that it focuses on the Citra hop.


From → Beer, Seasonal

  1. Katie permalink

    I saw some at the Swan’s liquor store just tonight.

  2. leo permalink

    I found this really enjoyable but maybe it’s because I only got to sample it at an event. I can never make complete judgment on a beer unless I drink a whole pint.

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