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Beer in BC is returning

February 23, 2011

Don’t you worry. My life is now normalizing out. The blog that makes you feel guilty for liking is, indeed, going to be active once again.

Expect some new and interesting things. That is a promise.

Oh, and buy Driftwood’s Cuvee d’Hiver. It’s great. I was going to write about it today, but I drank the bottle too fast while reading more on tied houses. Good thing pay-day is on Friday. I can buy more then. Maybe.

Work begins tomorrow. Sleep begins now.


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  1. bought a bottle of this last nite… i may just have to try it out this evening. i’ve heard good things. and the cutie at the beer store (I love when an attractive girl can talk about beer) said it was one of her faves. i am excited! 🙂

  2. Brewery Creek on Main St… Vancouver. they had a few more bottles left…

  3. Leo permalink

    I’m glad to see someone enjoyed it. I’ve been seeing nothing but disappointed reviews on it

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