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Blondes Versus Brunettes – Moinette Style.

February 25, 2011

I absolutely love Brasserie Dupont’s Moinette Blonde. A lot. Pretty sure it made my top five in my top ten beers I drank in 2010. You can check for yourself, I’m too lazy to.

If you asked me what I preferred, blondes or brunettes. I’d immediately say redheads. Unfortunately there is no Moinette Rouge. So I can only put the Brune up against the Blonde. Yes, I am a little disappointed.

Fortunately both specimens are of the same vintage (2008), so there is no battle of whether I like them younger, or a little more experienced.

Moinette Brune pours really ruddy looking beer with rather energetic head. A spiced-rum like alcohol dominates the nose and is backed up with aromas of raisins. A strong nutty flavour jumps in to the front, followed by a yeasty character and touch of floralness and caramel. That alcohol shows up and warms the mouth on the fairly dry finish.

Blondes are more fun, or at least taste better.

Now to find a Moinette Biologique/Foret to see which kind of blondes I prefer. The slightly funkier hippy kind or the clean dolled up kind.

Rating: Average
Style: Strong Belgian Dark Ale
ABV: 8.5%
Serving Temp: 12ºC
BCL: n/a

Yeah, I make this my comeback post. What a cop-out.


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  1. Welcome back. What no rating?

    • While at work, this afternoon, I realised that I forgot that part. I was too lazy/busy to edit it in with my phone.

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