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No Justice for No Jail Pale Ale

March 10, 2011

Cannery Brewing is a fantastic little brewery in Penticton. I haven’t had a beer from them I didn’t enjoy, with an exception of a bad bottle of Blackberry Porter. Speaking of which I need to get another bottle to write about and do the beer the justice it deserves. Back on topic, when I heard that they Cannery was releasing a 3.05% beer called “No Jail Pale Ale” I was ecstatic. The ales of Britain fanned the flames of my beer love in to the raging inferno it is now. This is probably why I spent so much time, and money, at The Moon Under Water – British approach with North American ingredients. Best of both worlds.

No Jail Pale Ale was originally brewed for draft consumption in the Penticton area as a response to the tough new drink-driving laws. However, Cannery could not get approval for a label that says “no jail” due to liability reasons. The fear is that someone may try use the beer as ‘get out of jail free’ card when they get caught driving over the limit. That’s some bullshit right there.

Now the beer goes from having an awesome name to one that is totally not awesome and, kinda, awkward. And this all happened several weeks after the beer was released. I didn’t hear of the neutered name until I saw that Brewery Creek got a shipment of it in today.

Go read Colin’s humourous take on it over at his blog


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  1. Leo permalink

    Went from a really cool name to something brutal. Too bad for Cannery

  2. Very true. The beer is a great way to raise awareness of drink driving and encourage a bit more responsiblitity from drinkers. Given their other beers probably a very nice drop too. It would be nice to see some common sense from the people who have to give approval to labelling.
    I would love to have got a copy of the old label, do you know if any were shipped to Van before the change or if they have any in the brewery unused?

    • I’m sure if you contact Pat over at the brewery she’d hook you up the best she can.

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