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Every Excuse in the Book

July 14, 2011

I really want to keep Beer in BC alive. I do. Honestly. This is the time for excuses.

1) VCBW.
2) VCBW destroyed my immune system and I had a wicked cold for two weeks.
3) ??
4) Working 12-16 hour days.
5) Pure, unadulterated laziness.

I got a lot of posts in the pipeline. Expect some changes and, hopefully, some interesting posts. Right now I have to go to the Harry Potter midnight showing. Beer isn’t the only thing I nerd-out about. It is the main thing I do nerd out about though.

Accio Beer in BC posts!


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  1. Ian permalink

    blogging does take a lot of time. And you are still maintaining We are all too busy enjoying craft beer.

  2. Dave! Good to hear from you, I thought you were dead. Looking forward to the upcoming posts. By the way, do you feel creepy sitting in the back at a Harry Potter flic?

  3. My production has been lower than yours! oh well I’ll keep mine going at a rate of one post every 2 months….

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